Ongoing Stories

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Mom is a Meteorologist :

All of the guys from school want to get with your hot Latina Mom!
Having an absolute MILF for a mom was tough, especially when she was the weather lady on one of the most viewed news broadcasts.

Hosting the Quarterback :

Your Mom is letting the college’s new athlete stay at your place for the semester.
During his stay, he bullies the crap out of you. He then proceeds to seduce and fuck your Mom, sister and girlfriend!

Desi MILF Seduction :

Your bully joins the planning committee for this year’s cultural festival so that he can put the moves on your Indian Mom.

Mommy’s Secret :

Your doting, mom, Honey, is always going behind your back and trying to help solve your problems!

Cool Mom Sofia :

You ask your long time and closest friend, Zack to check in on your mom while you are away for the weekend.

Mom is a Model : 

After seducing your beloved best friend, Abby, your rich, white bully sets his sights on your famous Latina supermodel Mom.

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