Hosting the Quarterback

Synopsis :

Your Mom is letting the college’s new athlete stay at your place for the semester.                                                                                  During his stay, he bullies the crap out of you. He then proceeds to seduce and fuck your Mom, sister and girlfriend!

Intro :

My mom and sister have been fawning over the student athlete, Clyde, who has been staying with us while he tours the local colleges. Everyone in our little community has been going out of their way to ingratiate themselves to him, in the hopes that he will consider enrolling in one of our schools. He was quite the quarterback, and a very big deal to say the least.

Clyde was an ideal house guest. He was keen on flattering my mom and helped her around the house whenever he could. He also quickly familiarized himself with my sister, Jessica, who loved having him around.

In my experience however, Clyde’s been a bit of a bully. I feel like he teases and emasculates me a lot, but my mom and sister never seem to notice. It was certainly unlike my mother not to say anything if she did…right?

(‘Mom Hooks up with your Bullies at the Beach’ is a short prequel to this.)

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Status :

Ongoing, Chapter 7