We have recently added a new tier on our Patreon geared towards taking commissions! Here’s all you will need to know about commissioning your own work :

(Please note that we’re not taking any further commissions at this time!)

How it works 

  • Each month, we will accept up to 2 commission requests via the new tier.
  • We currently offer 2 tiers of commissions. A regular commission consists of at least 15 images and 1000 words. A large commission consists of at least 30 images and 1900 words. Each comes with a version in ren’py included upon completion. As a bonus, you also gain access to all of our other content for that month.
  • Before joining the commission tier for the current month, we highly advise that you message us, either on Patreon or at [email protected], so that we can go through some of the details regarding characters, scenario and setting.
  • We’ll handle all of the work, and you won’t need to provide too much info if you don’t want to. When describing your characters, you may even provide a photo if you like, and we’ll take it from there.
  • Once we confirm that what you want is possible and that it complies with what’s allowed on Patreon, you can join the tier and we’ll get right to work when we see the payment is successfully processed. 
  • Upon completion, you will have the option for us to post it here, or to send it to you privately. If you would like us to post it, you will also have the option of remaining completely anonymous.

Each commission will take up to 2 weeks to complete, so it is important that you join early in the month to ensure that we get it done in time. We also ask that you remain in the tier until you receive your commissioned work! 

For Existing Patrons

If you have already paid for your current tier for the month, you will only need to pay the remainder of the cost upon joining the ‘Commissions’ Tier.

If you are a member of the ‘(Early) Subscribers’ Tier, we’ll make sure to reserve your place, so that you can come back and continue enjoying your benefits on the following month.

…And that’s all there is to it. If you’re interested in requesting a commission, message us on Patreon!