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Official Teaser

Synopsis :

Your mom Sofia has her heart set on going to a Halloween party..

Upon arriving home Monday morning..

You were surprised to find Zack still there when you got back home. 


Your mom and your friend were by the kitchen island casually conversing. 

“Welcome home dear!” Your mother greets you.

“Hey!” Zack waves and smiles at you.

Your mom explained the situation with the dishwasher and how Zack stayed over to fix it. 

“It took him two whole days! Can you believe it?” Your mom welcomed you with a hug, fibbing in the process.

In truth, the work on the dishwasher would have been done yesterday if the two hadn’t gotten busy all weekend. In fact, they were enjoying themselves so much that they forgot about the dishwasher all together. 

It was only this morning that Zack ran out to the hardware store to get the replacement part he needed..


“Mom, you didn’t need to bother Zack. I would have taken care of it for you when I got back.” You answer, embarrassed that your mom took up so much of your best friend’s time.

“Ohh…but you weren’t here baby and uhh…you know, Zack is more handy with tools than you are.” Your mom chuckled nervously trying to cement her ‘lie’.

“It really wasn’t any trouble.” Zack added on.

The confident, take charge attitude that Zack attained felt from plowing your mom all weekend was becoming somewhat eclipsed by guilt.

“I suppose it’s fine then.” You answer. 

You knew your mom could be a handful sometimes and you were actually happy that Zack was around to help out a bit and keep her company. You guessed it was hard for him to say no when she asked him to stay over..

You joined them at the kitchen island and Zack stayed over for a bit longer as the three of you chatted for a bit. 

As they spoke, you observed that your friend was seemingly more relaxed around your mother than usual.

Perhaps they bonded a bit while you were gone?

You suppose that that was a good thing. Maybe things would be less awkward now when Zack is around..

A week later..

Much to your delight, your best friend seemed more keen on coming over to hang out with you. He’s been here almost every day this week and you were enjoying his company. You weren’t the only one of course…your mom was always thrilled to see Zack. 

She still clung onto him incessantly and showered him with hugs and kisses from time to time, but he seemed less nervous around her overall.

You guess he was finally getting used to having your Mom around while you guys hang out.

At any rate, you preferred that your mom chat and hang out with Zack rather than those guys from college who you barely knew.


One evening..


“Hey baby, are you going to this Halloween party tomorrow night?” Your mom, who was just looking at her phone screen, asks you.

“What Halloween party?” You ask.

“Your friend Chris’ silly.” She chuckles.

“Ahh Chris…”

“Chris is not my friend Mom.” You answer, annoyed by the mere mention of his name.

“Well sure he is! You guys talk all the time.”  Your mom seems to disagree with you.

“No, we don’t talk all the time…you talk to him all the time, not me.” You explain.

“Hmm…” Your mother tilts her head inquisitively and makes a long pondering sound.

As you have mentioned before, you were not all too comfortable with your mom associating with guys like Chris over social media, but she didn’t seem to see it that way. 

Her social media habits have always been a bit too carefree and you often reprimanded her over them, but to no avail. According to your mom, you take things too seriously and should lay back every once in a while. 

It was really no use trying to persuade her..

It would seem that this time, Chris, a guy you knew from college, invited your mother to a Halloween party at his house tomorrow. In truth, you didn’t know Chris all too well. You were mostly indifferent to him, but from the few interactions you’ve had, you were positive that the guy was a jerk.

“Mom, I’m not really comfortable with you..” Before you could finish expressing your concern, your mom interrupts.

“..But it sounds like so much fun! I’ve been sooo bored at home sweetie…please, please, please!” She says, looking at you and pouting adorably.

“I haven’t been to a Halloween party since high school!” She says.

“That’s how it’s supposed to be, Mom!” You sigh loudly.

Your mom was pleading with you to let her go to a party as if you were the parent in this scenario. 

With a person who most of the guys referred to as the ‘Cool Mom’, moments like these arose more often than you would imagine, and you would have to be the one to make sure your mother acted responsibly.

It must have been an eerie sight to behold for Zack, who was sitting silently between you two.

“I wasn’t even invited Mom, there’s no way you can go alone..” You keep trying to deny her.

That’s when she turns to Zack with a glimmer in her eyes.

“You know Chris, don’t you Zack dear??” She inquires with renewed excitement.

Zack, not wanting to get in the middle, mumbles through his words.

“He invited you right??” She presses on.

Zack found himself in an awkward position. Both you and your mother were staring at him with intense expressions while he avoided direct eye contact and scratched his head.

The tension got to him and he kind of, sort of nodded, not wanting to lie outright to his friend’s mother. 

You groan exasperatedly at his response, while your mom claps her hands excitedly.

“See baby? I can go with Zack. Problem solved.” She concludes while leaning over her chair and hugging Zack tightly, almost toppling them both over in the process.

“There was no convincing her otherwise now.” 

You sigh loudly as she proceeds to agree on a time with your friend. 

At least this way she’ll be with Zack the entire time. Zack may act like a softie around women sometimes, but your friend knew how to deal with guys like Chris if they gave him any trouble.

If your mom must go to this party, Zack accompanying her was probably the best thing you could ask for..

The next day..

“Hey sweetie, come into the living room for a sec..” After getting ready for the party, your mom calls out to you.

You enter the living room to the sight of..

“Ta..da” Your mom hums and poses to show off her costume.

“Oh my…” You don’t have the words. Meanwhile, your mother is shaking her pompoms around cheerily.


“Mom you’re not really going out like that…are you?” You ask desperately.

“Hmm…well I’m probably going to leave the pompoms home.” She ponders for a second then jokes.


“Mom! You know that’s not what I..” You exclaim, but she interrupts you.

“I just wanna have some fun sweetie..doesn’t it look cute?” She does that fake pouty thing that she does sometimes and rattles the pompoms around again.

“..Besides, this was all I could find on such short notice!” Her tone chippers up again in an instant, “You know Mommy was a cheerleader in high school..” She giggles.

“Wait..what?” Before you can finish, the doorbell rang. 

“Oh, Zack’s here dear!” She shrieks with excitement and hurriedly throws on her boots before answering the door.

“How do I look Zack baby?” She giddily greets your friend at the door.

“Uhh…Great Mrs Vera,” He chuckles nervously and glances over at you to communicate his surprise.

As troubling as your mom’s costume was, the situation felt somewhat comical, in part due to the fact that Zack was wearing an old sci fi costume he had from high school. 

Just like Mom’s cheerleader outfit, it was clearly a bit tight and it was strange to see his muscular figure wrapped up in the nerdy costume.


“Well come on, you boys can talk any time…we’re going to be late!” Your mother comments, already out the door and tugging on Zack’s arm.

“Keep an eye on her,” you mouth urgently to your friend in silence as the door closes behind them and they leave for the party.

The last thing you see is him nodding back at you with a shocked expression still on his face. No doubt your mom’s ‘costume’ took him by surprise..


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