[012] Mom is a Model – Official Intro/Teaser

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Official Intro/Teaser


This is your mom, Valentina Velasquez. She is a well known, successful, and wildly popular model from Colombia. She is a stunning, curvy, voluptuous beauty who as of late, has always been on display for the world to see. 


You say this because her career has really taken off. She was featured in a docuseries on Netflix a couple months ago, which highlighted her vast philanthropic interests and endeavors. Since then, she has been getting more work than she could possibly take.

She gradually starting modeling some more risque pieces due to high demand and has also been doing more swimsuit modeling, much to the delight of her many male fans and followers.  


Honestly, ‘MILF’ didn’t even begin to describe her, and having so many men openly lust over your mother your whole life made you uneasy. Guys at school would always give you a hard time, something you full well expected, but as your mom’s career advanced, the bullying got more intense. 

Some of the jerks on campus would regularly send you cum tribute videos, where they would rub one out to the many available images of your hot Latina mom.

She has done a few commercials which now air all the time and has even guest starred on a few television shows, in addition to appearing on a couple of the late night talk shows. Needless to say, your bullies had no shortage of fapping materials and the cum tribute videos became more frequent.


Most of your bullies in college were fit white guys, who from the videos you received, were inexplicably hung and well endowed. The one that stood out the most was Landon. He always took things a step further. The other guys were happy just to rub one out to images of your mother, but Landon was much more ambitious than that.

Even before your mom became a well known model, Landon had always enjoyed picking on you. He would go out of his way to learn which girls you had a crush on, so that he could later seduce and fuck them…making sure to send you plenty of evidence. At first, he just did it to piss you off, but he soon noticed how much better the sex was when he was screwing a girl that you had feelings for.

The images and videos that Landon sent made you believe that life was truly unfair. Landon came from an absurdly wealthy family. He was a tall, fit, handsome white guy who effortlessly got any girl he wanted, despite the fact that he was a total jerk…and on top of all that, he had a fucking horse cock for a dick.

In the videos, he would treat the girls that you adored so much like complete whores…and they loved him for it. He fucks them as hard and roughly as he pleases and they keep asking for more…


When it came to fucking the women you loved, Landon was always looking to top himself. A couple weeks ago, he succeeded in seducing your long time best friend and neighbor, Abby, who you loved dearly and always held feelings for. 

He sent you the proof straight away, messaging, “Did you know that Abby had a tattoo there?? Of course you did…you guys are best friends lol”

Followed by the image…


He gave you a few minutes to panic and feel uneasy before sending the entire video, which he secretly took and starts with him on top of her.

Your bully gave you time to watch the video midway before sending a string of messages.

“You see that look on her face? That’s the face your beloved best friend makes when she wants me to fuck her like a little whore!”

“Consider yourself friend zoned for good. There’s no way your precious sweetheart would ever let your pathetic little dick anywhere near her after taking this good, big white cock!”

“How did you imagine your first time with her? Probably something sweet and intimate right? You would never dream of fucking her like this…but see, this is what she really wants! Her tight, little ethnic cunt can’t get enough of this big white dick..she keeps asking for more.”

The video ends with your dear beloved friend Abby sticking her ass out for that jerk as he is about to mount her.

He doesn’t show you the rest, instead messaging, “That’s all for now hahaha..enjoy the free porn. Go stroke your pathetic little dick while I fuck Abby for real!”

The sense of betrayal you felt was insurmountable. She knew how horrible Landon was to you…why would she do this?

It was your first time seeing your best friend naked and your dick was pitifully hard. Since then, you still have never been able to confront Abby about it. What you didn’t know was that Landon had even bigger plans. Fucking Abby was the best sex that he had to date and he wanted more..

Another week passes and you don’t hear much from Landon. You had a interview for a job today..but it didn’t go too well. It seemed promising at first, but apparently there was a ‘sudden influx of more suitable candidates’ as they said, and they ended up rejecting you on the spot, getting your hopes up for nothing.

You returned home feeling dejected. You hear the sound of a vibrant ongoing conversation as you open the door.

You couldn’t believe it. Landon was in your house casually chatting up your mom. Not only did she invite your white bully inside, it looked as though the two were actually hitting it off. god knows what they were talking about before you got there..

Your mom and Landon momentarily acknowledge you before resuming their conversation as if it were a normal occurrence. Landon eventually includes you, saying “Hey there buddy, I’m just talking business with your Mom here…I hope that’s okay.”

The two laugh, perhaps at the notion that you would actually have a say in the matter. After poking some fun at you, your mom explains,

“You know your friend Landon and his family host charity drives and events all the time, right sweetie?”

“..well Landon here is putting together a gala all by himself, isn’t that impressive?” Your mom sounded genuinely impressed and enthusiastic about Landon’s work. 

As it would turn out, your bully did his research. He knew what causes your mom felt most strongly about and was now dedicating a significant portion of his time, effort and money to organizing an event in support for one of them. Yes, he had been planning this for a while now.

As the two speak about mostly boring sounding details, you fade in and out of the conversation, trying to endure having Landon in your house.

“Having you there as a guest speaker to endorse us would make a huge difference.” Landon says resting his hand on your mom’s shoulder.

That was it for you. You have had it with Landon.

“He’s a complete jerk, mom! You should have nothing to do with a guy like him.” You say out of the blue. 

You were hoping that your mom would heed your warning without question and share your sentiment, but instead she approached you, a stern expression brewing on her face, and pulled you into the kitchen. 



Perhaps you didn’t get off to the right start, but you felt like it was absolutely necessary that you tell Mom about Landon at this point.

“..but Mom! You can’t!” You raised your voice slightly and tried desperately to explain the situation, but she stopped you. She wasn’t hearing it.

“How dare you raise your voice to your mother!”

You knew she was mad when she starting laying into you in Spanish. She would speak so fast that you could barely get a word in. She said something along the lines of,

“Since when do you tell your mother what she can and can’t do? ” and 

“You live in my house and I’m in charge here…you don’t even have a job yet!” At that point she was really letting you have it, laughing cruelly as she said so. “Your friend Landon is actually doing things to help better the world, what are you doing with your life??”

From the corner of your eye, you could see Landon snickering in the hallway. He was smirking all the while and you just knew that he was admiring your Mom’s fine, curvy fucking ass as she scolded you vocally in the kitchen area. 

There was nothing you could do..because a lot of what she was saying was true. You felt like your mom was able to tell that you didn’t get the job today…again, and was using that to make you feel guilty for raising your voice at her. You start nodding and apologizing, obediently taking her verbal licking.

Your mom seemed pleased for having put you in place and punctuates her tongue lashing by turning to your bully and announcing, 

“You know what Landon, I would love to speak at your event.”  She said so as if eager to defy you.

You slumped your shoulders and looked away ever so slightly, feeling terribly embarrassed and uncomfortable.

“Really?! That’s great Mrs. Velasquez!” Landon is thrilled to hear he succeeded, 

“It’s actually a really big event…we still need a few more volunteers to work as assistants, maybe your son could help too?” Your bully proposes in an innocent seeming manner, 

“We couldn’t pay him of course, but it would look great on his resume!”


Before you can say anything..

“Of course he will, he’ll take any position he gets!” Your mom answers for you enthusiastically, momentarily looking back at you with a firm expression. You nod meekly in response, not saying a word.

“Great!” Landon responds with a big smile, “I’ll assign him to be my personal assistant.”

“That sounds wonderful.” Your mom rejoins Landon’s side to sort out the details , sharing her private contact info with him in the process.

“Make sure you thank your friend here properly for the opportunity, okay honey?” She looks back at you one last time to keep you in line, smiling gracefully as she does so.

This couldn’t have gone any worse for you.

“Thank you Landon.” You reply as graciously and earnestly as you could.


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