Hosting the Quarterback Part 7 – Official Teaser

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Official Teaser

Synopsis :

Your week of humiliation continues at the hands of your mom and sister..

Last night’s events were a sobering reminder to you. Somehow, you got the impression that your bully’s departure for the week would give you a much needed respite, but your sister has proven that that is anything but the case.

If anything, this week might be even harder for you. Now that she wasn’t fucking your bully nonstop, your devious sister could focus all of her time and energy on you and you were worried that she might have planned for this week long in advance. 

Jessica may look carefree and easygoing at times and though it may not seem it, her interactions with you were all usually carefully planned. That way, she is eventually able to humiliate you in ways that you didn’t even know were possible. Indeed, her level of persistence and meticulousness should not be overlooked, and you just knew that some grand humiliation was around the corner. 

..And then of course there was Mom, who has yet to do anything much, aside from the incident at the boutique yesterday. By her subtle actions, you had no way of knowing if she was conspiring with your sister so that they could humiliate you together…or if she had something completely separate planned for you. At this point, only time will tell.

The next morning..

You tossed and turned restlessly most of the night and didn’t get much sleep. You were greeted by the shining, smiling faces of your mother and sister as you approached the kitchen table.

“Hey brother!” Jessica ran up to and energetically hugged you, even going as far as to kiss you on the cheek.

“How did you sleep?” She asks, still clinging to you tightly and humming happily. You hear your mom chuckle sweetly in the corner.

In your groggy state, you give a grunting affirmative response which is met with laughter from the two. Your mother and sister seemed amused for the most part, and they were both acting as if nothing had happened last night.

You eventually are able to take a good look at what your mom was wearing. From doing her laundry as often as you did..and going shopping with her all the time, you knew that your mother owned a wide assortment of lingerie in lots of different styles, ranging from more conservative to slightly risque. You would say that the babydoll she was wearing this morning was somewhere in the middle. 

Your mother usually wouldn’t come down to the kitchen wearing anything too revealing, and the mornings that you would see her in that cute sheer lace that she was wearing now felt like a privilege.  You were fond of this particular piece and she used to wear it all the time, but not so much now..

Now she wears it exclusively for Clyde.

Yes, that’s right, your mother only wears the cute babydoll you love seeing her in so much for your bully. More accurately…it’s something she only wears when he fucks her, and is thus intended for his pleasure only. 

This was a discovery that you made on a morning very much like this..

A couple weeks ago..

It was still early at the time and you came into the kitchen for a glass of water. Your mom was already there, presumably getting something to drink as well. 

Before you could even say ‘hi’, Clyde burst in, fully naked…and fully engorged. He grabbed your mom’s ass with both hands and squeezed hard before lifting her into his arms and brazenly shoving his tongue into her mouth. As you heard your mom starting to kiss back, you noticed the cum oozing from the tip of Clyde’s hard black cock. That’s when you knew..

Your mom and your bully had been fucking all night long.

It looked like Clyde had gotten impatient and he came into the kitchen to take your mom back to the bedroom so that they could resume their impassioned fuck session. Clyde effortlessly lifts your mom’s entire body into the air and holds her over his shoulder as he carries her back to the questions asked.

You mom moans in awe at Clyde’s display of strength. By the expression on her face, you could tell that her pussy was absolutely aching for your bully’s dick and you could see how aroused she was by his gruff approach.

Your mom acknowledges you for the first time that morning, flashing you a naughty smile as Clyde carries her away, his dick pulsating impatiently. Knowing that you were up, Clyde goes on to make your Mom’s bed rock uncontrollably as he fucked her as hard as he wanted, and you were made to listen to your mother vocally praise your bully’s sexual prowess all morning long..

That’s how you came to know that your mom would only wear that babydoll for Clyde. You couldn’t help but feel that she somehow knew how fond of it you were, and was doing it all to torment you. Perhaps she caught you looking at her one morning and noticed how much you liked it..or maybe it was Clyde who insisted she only wear it when he fucks her, which raised the question, 

“Why was she wearing it now?”

You were so caught up in Jessica’s intense serving of humiliation, that you had forgotten that your mom went out last night. 

“Where did she go? Why was she so dressed up..”

You were so preoccupied with Jessica that you didn’t even notice what time your mom had gotten back home..

You continue to gaze longingly at your beautiful mother as she goes about her morning routine. Your sister is still holding onto you, hugging and rubbing against you ever so teasingly…she must have known that mom was getting you aroused.

“What are the two of them up to?” 

As you stand there, feeling like you’re in a daze, your sister giggles and whispers sensually into your ear,  

“We’re gonna have so much fun tonight big brother..”

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