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Official Teaser

Synopsis :

You ask your long time and closest friend, Zack to check in on your mom while you are away for the weekend.

This is your mom, Sofia. She is a 38 year old, beautiful Cuban woman. She’s the kind of woman that you would consider cute and hot at the same time, which is something you attributed in part to her fun, outgoing nature. She was charmingly playful, and was always a delight to be around. 

All through high school, your friends and some of the other guys have come to know her as the ‘Cool Mom’, which even now that you are in college, still seems to be the case. 

As a son, you felt like your mom was more ‘involved’ with your friends and classmates than you would have liked. Usually, it would be strange for guys to interact with their friend’s mom all that much…but that wasn’t how it went with your mom.

She enjoyed hanging out and talking with the guys from school and would even insist they call her Sofia. Needless to say, it was a very awkward dynamic for you, seeing her like that with your friends.

You knew that was just the way your mom was and there was probably nothing to worry about. However, you couldn’t shake the feeling that your mom somehow liked seeing you in discomfort as she would mingle with your friends.

..And then of course, there were her social media habits. 

Your mom was really active on social media, at least more active than you would consider most guys’ moms were. 

Aside from Facebook, she has also taken a liking to Instagram, which is not something all parents do.

She messages and talks to your close friends regularly on Facebook and typically adds just about anyone who says they know you. Throughout high school, your mom friended most of the guys from your class without so much as consulting you.

In the past, even your bullies and some other guys who gave you a hard time have sent her friend requests and she ended up  accepting them all without hesitation. It made you particularly nervous when she would post pics like :

…and then less than an hour later, all the guys from your class would have already seen and liked her post. They knew what they were doing too, the comments they would make were always complimentary and just slightly on the naughty side, but not inappropriate. 

She would often thank them with a long string of kissy or heart emojis…

It definitely made you antsy when you saw her do stuff like that, and you have long given up on monitoring your mother’s social media activity. All it did was make you paranoid and you knew anything that you would imagine happening was much worse that what was actually going on. 

At the very least, it seemed to make her happy and it was kind of adorable to see how excited she would get on her phone. She was a single mom after all, and you knew how lonely she must have felt sometimes.

And from what you saw, the only thing your mom really did in regard to reciprocating on social media was like some of your fellow classmates’ posts, a few of which featured them shirtless and exhibiting their brawny, athletic looking bodies. 

She would occasionally leave a comment and it would bother you to see your mom essentially praise men who were much tougher and stronger than you, some of whom were the very same men who picked on you all through high school. Even now, she still keeps in contact with a lot of the guys from back then…

There was also another thing that your mom did to make you feel uneasy..

When you were out with your mom, handsome white men would hit on her all the time, which made you insanely jealous. Somehow, you felt that your mom might have picked up on it. She would occasionally flirt back right in front of you in an effort to tease you. It must have amused her to see you act that way…it’s almost as if she knew you wanted her all to yourself.

It was particularly hurtful to see her giggling and flirting back receptively when it was a fit, young white guy that approached her. It wasn’t surprising that they would either. She was a gorgeous woman on all counts and knowing that so many men were interested in your mom would make you crazy..

Whenever you all would go out to eat, your mom got into the habit of picking a place with a bar or a similar vibe. You suspected that she might have noticed that she gets hit on and approached by guys more often in places like those. She would certainly dress to impress….that much you knew for sure.

Your mom always wanted to go out with you too, and you felt the need to keep her company. She liked to try new places frequently and you actually enjoyed sharing and spending so much time with your dear mother.

Most recently, you took her to this new upscale bar/lounge joint and she had a really good time. You were having a good time too, up until the point you went to go get a couple of drinks.

When you left, a buff, handsome white stud of a man swooped in and starting hitting it off with your Latina mother almost instantly. You returned to the table ready to send him away, but you were disheartened to see your mom already so enthralled by his presence. She was squeezing his strong arms and giggling like a schoolgirl. You saw what must have been desire, laced with a hint of arousal in your sweet mother’s eyes that night.

Your mom caught a glimpse of you in that moment, almost looking pleased by your sorry state. The man rests his palm on your mom’s hips as she shares her number with him and then leaves, grinning at you as he turns around.

Upon your return, your mom hugs you tightly, swaying back and forth as she does so, still laughing and intoxicated from her flirtatious encounter.

“Mommy was just having some fun.” She says.

It was because of incidents like these that you didn’t feel comfortable leaving your mom alone for too long. You recently got a notice from a very promising company which you applied to a while back and would have to go out of town this upcoming long weekend for the interview.

You invited your long time and best friend Zack over to explain the situation. You trusted him implicitly and wanted him to check in on your mom while you were gone.

You had been talking to him for a few minutes now, and it didn’t take long for your mom to discover that Zack was around the house. She knew Zack ever since you were in high school and she must have considered him a son, the way she showered him with affection. 

He was certainly around often enough and she was always happy to see him, regularly greeting him warmly with a tight hug and several, successive kisses on the cheek. Sometimes she would cling to him from behind before reaching to give him a surprise, welcoming kiss on the cheek. 

Despite it happening so often, Zack would always blush intensely and you would look on enviously as your mother doted over your friend, her sweet soft bosom squished against him snugly as she kissed him. You could have sworn that there were a couple occasions where your mom glanced at you with a mischievous smile as she clung to Zack..

Zack was a reserved fella and despite his good looks and impressive physique, was always a bit shy around the ladies. He was genuinely kind and sweet and always a good friend. His generally shy demeanor probably made it all the more fun for your mom to cling to him and hug and kiss him as often as she did.

Although it seemed like she was teasing Zack, it felt like she was teasing you by openly showing your best friend so much affection…

Part 1 coming later this week!

This also serves as the introduction for the new ongoing story, Cool Mom Sofia. 

Part 1 will take off directly from here with Sofia’s son leaving for the long weekend, and will feature Zack. 

Since it’s an introduction, we also featured some other elements, such as flirting at the bar and posting on social media while interacting with her son’s bullies. We would love some feedback on these and maybe also some suggestions for other scenarios you all would like to see in later chapters.

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