Content Poll/Preview – 09/19, More Latina Moms!

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Did someone ask for more Latina moms, because we got you covered!

Have a look at the two scenarios below and vote for the one you would like to see us do as the next chapter for the month on Patreon!

[011] Cool Mom Sofia :

This is your mom, Sofia. She is a 38 year old, beautiful Cuban woman. She’s the kind of woman that you would consider cute and hot at the same time, which is something you attributed in part to her fun, outgoing nature. She was charmingly playful, and was always a delight to be around. 

All through high school, your friends and some of the other guys have come to know her as the ‘Cool Mom’, which even now that you are in college, still seems to be the case. 

As a son, you felt like your mom was more ‘involved’ with your friends and classmates than you would have liked. Usually, it would be strange for guys to interact with their friend’s mom all that much…but that wasn’t how it went with your mom.

She enjoyed hanging out and talking with the guys from school and would even insist they call her Sofia. Needless to say, it was a very awkward dynamic for you, seeing her like that with your friends.

You knew that was just the way your mom was and there was probably nothing to worry about. However, you couldn’t shake the feeling that your mom somehow liked seeing you in discomfort as she would mingle with your friends.

You say this because in particular, whenever your best and long time friend, Zack, was around, your mom would shower him with affection. She was always happy to see him and would greet him warmly with a tight hug and several, successive kisses on the cheek. Sometimes she would cling to him from behind before reaching to give him a surprise, welcoming kiss on the cheek.

Despite it happening so often, Zack would always blush intensely and you would look on jealously as your mother doted over your friend, her sweet soft bosom squished against him snugly as she kissed him. You could have sworn that there were a couple occasions where your mom glanced at you with a mischievous smile as she hugged Zack..

 ..but you must have been mistaken.

[011] Mom is a Model :

This is your mom, Valentina. She is a well known, successful, and wildly popular model from Colombia. She is a stunning, curvy, voluptuous beauty who seemingly was always on display for the world to see.

Her career has taken off lately and she has steadily been doing more and more work, which included her modeling some more risque pieces. She has also been doing much more swimsuit modeling, much to the delight of her many male fans and followers.

Honestly, ‘MILF’ didn’t even begin to describe her, and having so many men openly lust over your mom your whole life always had you uneasy. Guys at school would always give you a hard time, something you full well expected, but as your mom’s career started to really take off, the bullying got more intense. 

Some of the jerks on campus would regularly send you cum tribute videos, where they would rub one out to the many available images of your hot Latina mom. Most of your bullies in college were fit white guys, who from the videos you received, were inexplicably hung and well endowed. 

One of your more tenacious bullies even mentioned that he has a poster of your mom in his room that her jerks off to every night..

This one is inspired by Mom is a Meteorologist, and we hope to delve further into situations involving the mom’s profession this time around!

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They are both planned as ongoing stories and feedback is very much welcome! 

These are not full intros and we’ll post a full teaser and intro for the one with the most votes! Thanks for checking us out, we need your support to keep doing what we do!

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