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Official Teaser

Synopsis :

While Clyde is away for the week, your mother and sister spend their spare time teasing and humiliating you.

You enter the living room one Saturday morning where you are greeted by an unexpected sight. Clyde was at the door. On the ground next to him, was a packed duffel bag and it would appear that he was getting ready to go somewhere. 

You got excited for a brief moment, as you entertained the notion that he might be leaving for good..but you knew that that was probably too good to be true. 

“What’s going on?” You ask softly, still groggy from sleep.

Your mom and sister are too busy showering Clyde with affection and neither seem to notice you. Your mom was hugging and kissing him dotingly, which instantly stirred intense jealously within you. Of course you knew that they were fucking, but seeing your mom show such care and love for him outside of sex always bothered you in a different way.

Recently, you have started feeling the same way about your sister as well. You would recall how loving and caring she was once was towards you, like the way she used to hug you so tightly and call your name sweetly..

Now it looks like she only feels that way about your bully. You still love her despite the way she treats you now, and oddly enough, you feel like her sadistic tendencies toward you come from some place of love.  

You stand there, as you have done before, and watch the spectacle unfold without saying a thing. Clyde spots you and he makes sure to shove his tongue in your mother’s mouth and make out with her passionately while you watch. After that, he kisses your sister once more angling her back towards you as he squeezes her ass. Satisfied that he’s tormented you enough, he bids the two farewell and takes his leave, smiling and chuckling at you as he goes.

With the strong alpha male of the house now gone, your mom and sister finally notice and acknowledge you.

“Oh, hey honey!” Your mom genuinely didn’t know that you were here before just now. Your sister smiled at you as she told you good morning. 

They seemed strangely excited to see you..

“What’s going on?” You ask again.

“Oh..Clyde is gone for the week, baby.” Your mom answers honestly with a warm smile just for you.

It didn’t look as though she cared to divulge more than that and you chose not to pry, as you were feeling happy enough as it was upon hearing the news.  A break like this was much needed.

“..You know what that means brother,” Your little sister seemed enthusiastic, “We’re going to be spending the entire week together!”

Her tone, as usual, was inherently mischievous. 

“That’s right sweetie,” your mom nodded and smiled again in confirmation, “Mommy has lots of things she wants you to do around the house.”

(It wasn’t like Clyde did much around the house anyway..)

Your mom starts listing things out aloud, playfully counting the number of chores she wanted me to do using her hand.

“…and finally, you have to take Mommy out shopping later, okay baby?” She claps her hands as she concludes her long list.

You knew that something was probably going on behind the scenes here, but no matter what she has done to you, or her relationship with your bully, you have never been able to refuse your mother. 

You didn’t quite know why, but recent events have shown you that your love and respect for your mom was in fact, unconditional. You nod nervously at her request and she jumps in delightfully to hug you, pecking you on the cheek before parting ways.

Your sister waited for mom to finish before approaching you from behind and squeezes you tightly.

“When you’re done with Mom today, you and I are gonna spend some quality time together, okay brother?” 

You were startled by your sister’s sudden embrace, but you enjoyed it while it lasted, nodding obediently at her words.  For a short moment, you were able to forget all about Clyde..

..but that didn’t last long.

Before you could start your chores, you first had to attend a couple classes in the morning. With Clyde supposedly nowhere to be found on campus, you weren’t expecting anyone to hassle or mess with you today, but as it would turn out, that was not the case. 

Not too long after arriving on campus, you were approached by a couple of guys. They seemed like they wanted to start something with you and make some trouble, almost as if they had been waiting for you the entire time. As they come closer and you get a good look at their faces, you see that you actually know them from somewhere.

Their names were Julius and Daryl, and they bullied you all through high school. You remembered the time they met your Mom at the beach, which was very uncomfortable for you, but then they ended up talking and Mom actually convinced them to stop picking on you so much..

..And now, it looks like they were the newest additions to the College football team and you couldn’t help but wonder if Clyde had put them up to this.

They reminisce over how they used to kick your ass and end up roughing you up a bit before ‘insisting’ that you complete a few of their class assignments for them, just like old times. They said that they would beat the shit out of you if you didn’t have them done by tomorrow.

Frankly, this was something you were used to, only this time it was coming from someone other than Clyde. You agree almost instantly, without putting up any kind of a fight, since you already knew from experience it was futile.

You might have made more of a fuss if Lianna was around at the time, but she was out of town visiting her parents for the week. It was probably better that she wasn’t with you just then, because those dicks would have probably tried hitting on her the whole time if she was.

Classes were just about wrapping up and most students had been given some time off, so you were able to fit the additional work your ‘old’ bullies gave you into your schedule.

Back at home..

You finish up all the chores on the list. All that was left to do before taking Mom out shopping later was the laundry. Before Clyde moved in, your mom wouldn’t usually ask you to do the laundry, because she was worried that it might have been a bit awkward for you to handle your Mom and your sister’s delicates. 

It made you ashamed to admit that you actually enjoyed doing the laundry because of exactly that. You liked seeing and touching your Mom’s lacy underwear, and even your sister’s cute, more conservative pieces and you relished the rare occasions when she asked you to do their laundry.

Of course, since Clyde moved in, that’s no longer the case. Your mom asks you to do the laundry all the time now, but you’re not able to enjoy it anymore. Those same bras and panties belonging to your mom and sister which you loved so much, were now routinely stained with your bully’s thick, pungent cum. 

You could still smell your mom and sister on them, but it was now strongly overlaid with the scent of your bully’s manhood. Clyde truly knew how to take every little joy from your life. You held up yet another pair of your Mom’s lovely panties and sighed as you saw Clyde’s cum gently oozing from the crotch, as if to tell you that this particular form of pleasure in your life now belonged only to him.

As if the semen stains weren’t bad enough, now that you were doing your Mom’s laundry so frequently, you would often discover the latest new, naughty, little outfit or lingerie she would have bought specifically to wear for Clyde.

Seeing all of their laundry strewn about and covered in Clyde’s cum like that would inevitably make you imagine all the times he banged your mom and sister when you weren’t around to notice..

Not that they really did make any effort to hide their lovemaking…you had walked in on Clyde fucking your horny mom in the living room a few times already. The same goes for when he fucks your sister, although Jessica would usually call you to watch, since she evidently enjoys making you watch.

There was even that one time when you walked in on Mom and Clyde fucking away in the laundry room..They made you wait until they were done and your mom even asked you to clean up the mess afterwards.

Other than that, they usually did it in their respective rooms, and you would usually be subjected to hearing their loud banging through the bedroom walls..

It was truly disheartening that Clyde wasn’t even here and he was still making you feel so miserable.

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