Mommy’s Secret Part 2 – Official Teaser

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Official Teaser

Synopsis :

Today, you were participating in a friendly exhibition match against another college’s basketball team. To call it an ‘exhibition’, was probably overstating it though, the match was intended to be more of a friendly warm-up. That being said, the opposing team was going all out and beating you all miserably..

As usual, your Mom was in the stands, looking on intently. She knew that it was part of the game, but it was still hard for her to hide her concern as she watched you get roughed up on the court.

It seemed that a few of their players were intentionally coming at you, and the Ref didn’t seem all too interested in calling them on it. Your biggest rival, Duncan, was definitely taking advantage of the referee’s negligence and fouling you whenever he felt like it.

Honey watched as her son’s towering rival actively dominated him on the court. He was taking the ball and scoring on him effortlessly, taunting and shoving him aside all the while. It was so unfair. Honey was comparing and contrasting her son’s stature with that of his buff, cocky rival. Duncan was at least 8 inches taller and he clearly had a far more impressive physique than her son. Honey couldn’t help but wonder how weak her son looked in comparison to the tall, strong player before him and knew that he was utterly outclassed by Duncan.

She didn’t mean to say it, but when she saw him dunk on you for a second time, she murmured under her breath, “Now, that’s a real athlete.”  

It was the last play of the game and Duncan collided into you epically as he dunked and scored. Technically, he had fouled you again, but the roars of applause seemingly overshadowed it. The referee couldn’t seem to be bothered too much with a warm-up match as it turned out.

You lay on the floor, ashamed and hurt. Eventually, a medic comes to your aid. Your mom was actually staring at Duncan a bit as he was basking in victory, and only notices that you were hurt after a while. She approaches you and the medic, looking very worried. The medic relays to her that it’s just a minor sprain, but that you will still need to be checked out in the infirmary. He assures her that it wouldn’t take long and convinces your mom to wait behind.

Meanwhile, Duncan was much too busy celebrating his triumph to even acknowledge what he had done. Your mom wasn’t going to let this stand any longer. She enters the men’s locker room and waits for your rival there..

Some time had passed and most of the other players were already long gone. It was the perfect opportunity for her to have a chat with your basketball bully..

…which of course, quickly escalates.

See exactly what happens when your Mom confronts your rival, Duncan, in Chapter 2 of Mommy’s Secret, coming tomorrow on Patreon!

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