05/19 Content Preview – 2 New Story Series

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[008] Can’t Stop a Tiger Mom
Tiger mommy Masako isn’t going to sit idly by while her son continues to get bullied.

When she hears what that big, bad bully did to her son this time, she storms off to confront him…

…and she isn’t coming back home until they reach an agreement.

[009] Desi Mom Seduction
Your long time bully, Johnny, or ‘Big John’ as he is aptly called, has a well known reputation for seducing horny housewives and MILFs…
And today…
Your bully checks out your hot desi mom.

“Holy fuck dude, is that your mom? She’s a total fucking MILF…god damn.”

It was my bully’s first time seeing my mom dressed in cultural attire and he was drinking in the view. 

Your bully wants to seduce and fuck your hot desi mom.

“Hey, is she into black guys?”

Johnny smirked.

Big John was one of the most determined guys I knew. 
She was in his sights now and I knew he would stop at nothing until he got my mom to spread her legs for him..

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